Danfoss Products
Our company offers various types of high performance Danfoss Products that can be used in refrigeration and air conditioning machineries. They are available in many different sizes as per the type of machine in which they are going to be installed. 
Henry Products
Henry Products availed by us are designed and developed as per the production standards by using top quality industrial grade materials which offers higher strength and durability that make them capable to withstand high temperature and pressures.
Sub-Zero Products
Sub-Zero Products are the electronic control devices that are provided with a series of control buttons which makes it very easier to adjust the temperature and humidity values with just a single touch.
Wika Products
Wika Products supplied by our company are especially designed to measure low to high values of pressure and temperature to maintain the machineries such as boilers, chillers and evaporators in an optimal range for the safe and efficient working.
Cold Room
Cold Rooms are perfect for the storage of perishable food items as well as some medical products. These cost-effective solutions can reduce the deterioration rate of many delicate food products. Also, these can do away with the occurrence of food poisoning.

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