Sub-Zero Products

The offered range of Sub-Zero Products consist of highly sensitive control units that are especially designed for the refrigeration and heat ventilation and air conditioning system to easily adjust the temperature and humidity levels. These digital controllers are provided with highly sensitive electronic equipments to control the machines simply with a single touch. Sub-Zero Products provided by our company are available in various different designs and sizes. They are also equipped with bright light emitting diode embedded display which shows the operational parameters. Buyers can get these premium quality products from us in bulk at a reasonable and low price.

Refrigeration Controller

This Refrigeration Controller is best known for its very low power consumption and incredible pull-down time. This controlling device ensures highly stable temperature control and a dramatic decrease in refrigerator noise. In addition, it also reduces overall dimensions to allow more space for the goods. This device is integrated with a self- adaptive algorithm that recognise different operating conditions and respond with either high efficiency or high performance when appropriate.
Price: 600 - 15000 INR/Number

Air Conditioning & Chillers Controller

This Air Conditioning & Chillers Controller is best known for its advanced technology. Widely used for controlling the parameters of air conditioners and chillers, these controllers maintain the optimum temperature for the industrial applications. These controlling devices are offered to clients in varied specifications and models to meet their exact needs.
Price: 2000 - 25000 INR/Number

AC Controllers

The demand for these AC Controllers is increasing with the growing shortage and escalating cost of electrical energy. It is widely used for accurate monitoring of air conditioner's parameters. These are very useful for controlling air conditioners. These instruments are specifically developed to maintain room temperature. In addition, it also protects costly air conditioner from unhealthy conditions such as over load/under load by automatically shutting down.
Price: 600 - 15000 INR/Number

Humidity Controllers

Humidity Controllers are micro-controller based devices. These are highly versatile controllers for control of humidity. Available with PID control algorithm, these devices feature control parameters that are user configurable on site. These controllers are designed to accept input from different types of humidity sensors as well as RTD sensor for dry bulb / wet bulb measurement technique. They are useful in pharmaceutical industry, environment chambers and green house rooms.
Price: 4000 - 15000 INR/Number

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